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posted 27 Feb 2006, 18:02 by Linnea, Candidate

Fanim your not the only one! And I`m glad you took the time to post,I was beginning to worry I was alone in cheering the Inchoroi on.It`s not their fault that the outside is full of chthulu-like entities intent on torturing them for eternity and yes, a bit of tolerance from the nonmen would have gone a long way. When it comes to the fanim reading crusaderbased stories always makes me a bit sad.My father was from Iran and even though I think of myself as swedish I often find myself rooting for the "middle- eastern"based culture. Perhaps because they are so often depicted as "the other". Not that I don`t think that this was Scott`s intention,to ask questions about how we percieve and relate to other cultures,but it would be nice to see something different once in a while... About Conphas you are lucky if he`s the only one you will miss! Eleazaras,Zin,Cnaiur all the characters I was really interested in and they are all dead.I even liked Serwe more than Esmenet! Strangely,this happens quite often.It`s like I just know who is going to die and start rooting for them.And it`s sad every time. I guess this means that Iyokus will die in tAP... view post


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