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posted 01 Mar 2006, 19:03 by Abyss, Commoner

Consider more broadly... 'tekne' never seems to be as simple as mere technology. The Ark/Golgotterath was suggested at least once to be a 'mothership' in truth, perhaps having given birth to the Inchoroi. So if the ship is actually a living being, who's to say whether the Heron Spear is 'merely' a gun. Loath as i am to draw the analogy, in the Shanarra books, the Sword was never just a weapon you hit the bad guy with. So much is left unanswered about the No-God and the Inkies, that I'm not sure the Spear's nature can be taken for granted. - Abyss, is relatively sure it doesn't rely on truth, justice and the america way for its power source, tho'. view post


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