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posted 03 Mar 2006, 07:03 by unJon, Auditor

EE, I like to think that Psukhe and Gnosis are orthogonal to each other rather than opposite to each other. Kellhus on the Cishaurim [quote="TTT pg. 217 US hardback":3n6sk8t1]They recall the tone and timbre, the [i:3n6sk8t1]passion[/i:3n6sk8t1], of the God's vocie--to near perfection--even as the meanings that make up true sorcery escape them.[/quote:3n6sk8t1] So the analogy is tone and timbre vs. meanings, or heart vs. intellect. It seems to me that there is no reason that these should be mutually exclusive. It just so happens that Moenghus and perhaps Dunyains in general are weak on heart. I think that the tantalizing possibility exists of getting down the Voice and the Meanings at the same time. To merge Psukhe and Gnosis and make it something more... view post


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