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posted 07 Mar 2006, 02:03 by Noctis, Candidate

The blinding is indeed inherent to the Psukhe, along with the passion angle, it also has to do with "seeing" on another level; according to the Glossary again "Given Fane's claim that the true powers of the Solitary God cannot be exercised so long as one sees the profane world, Cishaurim initiates voluntarily blind themselves..." ("Cishaurim" entry, p. 428) This really reminds me of the early Greek philosophers, who were exploring notions of appearance vs. reality; if I remember correctly, Heraclitus even had a notion of the soul (psukhe) becoming water after death, or something like that, which sounds very Cishaurim-ish (cishaurim-y?). :) Concerning blindness and true seeing and all that, the Cishaurim don't have the "mark" so they can't be "seen" by practitioners of the other Anagogic schools. I wonder if this is because they blind themselves (by blinding themselves they blind their enemies to them...interesting idea) or whether it has to do with the notion that what they do isn't exactly "sorcery," but something cruder? view post


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