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posted 08 Mar 2006, 06:03 by Radiant Abyss, Commoner

Alderion said: [quote:zbalum4p]* Human nature - I absolutely, categorically, without exception will not accept that as an answer. If someone ever says to me, "well, it's human nature," I'm likely to proceed to ask them to define "it" and also to defend against the countercharge that there's no such thing as a common "human nature."[/quote:zbalum4p] The scientific literature on the subject shys away from the term "human nature" for good reason. What if someone were to quote ethological research to support an argument though? (Of course that's not specifically "human" - since it's the blank slate part of ourselves that we identify as uniquely human. Yet the literature suggests - strongly - that evolutionary patterns do affect the behaviours of all animals.) Which reminds me of something I will not tolerate in an argument: "Science is just another belief system." Not, I hasten to add, that I expect you to say anything of the sort. I'm just curious to know how the research in ethology and related sciences figures into your opinion about using "human nature" in an argument. view post


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