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posted 15 Mar 2006, 16:03 by UncleMikey, Commoner

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":25bgd0k3]So long as no one is binding them and selling them I'm not sure I would care.[/quote:25bgd0k3] You might not, but your publishers might :-D I don't want to get [b:25bgd0k3]you[/b:25bgd0k3] in trouble, any more than I want to get [b:25bgd0k3]me[/b:25bgd0k3] in trouble. After all, if your publishers get annoyed, they might stop publishing your books, and that wouldn't be a good thing for anybody! That said, the Wiki can be set up with a Creative Commons style license that would, theoretically, limit how information could be reproduced. Enforcement is another kettle of fish altogether. [quote:25bgd0k3]What I would like to do, someday, is my own version of the Silmarillion - a big encyclopedic scrap book of all the stuff I've accumulated over the years.[/quote:25bgd0k3] Ooooooooooooo. I guess one question I would have is, is this something you have your heart set on [b:25bgd0k3]publishing[/b:25bgd0k3] (and thus, being able to make money on -- which you've earned, don't get me wrong!) or would you be interested in using the Wiki, were one to exist, to provide this? The advantage to the latter is you could start more or less right now (well, in your Copious Spare Time, anyway). The disadvantage is that a Wiki is traditionally editable by [b:25bgd0k3]anyone[/b:25bgd0k3], so we'd have to be extra-careful about what edits we allowed to stand for such material if we wanted it to be definitive. And meanwhile, please allow me a moment to be a fanboy and tell you that you've been consistently responsible for my being late to work the last couple of weeks. I only get one hour, more or less, a day to read -- right before I go to work. I'm half-way through TTT... view post


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