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posted 16 Mar 2006, 22:03 by stormchaser, Candidate

[quote="Entropic_existence":myq2z9uc][quote="stormchaser":myq2z9uc]I too wondered about the seeming coincidence that Kellhus and his father were both of the Few, and the answer I came up with was not so much that they were both Dunyain, but rather that they are both [i:myq2z9uc]Anasurimbors[/i:myq2z9uc]. Their distant royal ancestor Celmomas II was clearly capable of prophecy, and thus was likely one of the Few. It follows that if some of the Dunyain are now capable of sorcery, then the genetic source of that ability likely lies with the Anasurimbor line. Remember that the Dunyain themselves don't even believe in the existence of sorcery, and also that the Dunyain/Anasurimbor connection came about purely by chance (or so it would appear). It seems to me that Dunyain conditioning is certainly responsible for Kelluss' uncanny ability to quickly master the Gnosis, but may actually have very little to do with his being one of the Few.[/quote:myq2z9uc] Well Scott's answer above sort of contradicts that. It seems like there is a genetic component that can be bred for, the same way intellect can. The Dunyain breeding programme which breeds for specific cognitive abilities also would select for the ability to work Sorcery at the same time. I have a feeling a rather large portion of the Dunyain would have the ability to learn Sorcery, if the opportunity presented itself and they were convinved that it existed and all of that.[/quote:myq2z9uc] Maybe, and certainly Scott has the last word. It's just that so much of what we're shown of the Dunyain and their techniques involves ways of understanding and mastering the natural world exactly as it is, as opposed to sorcery which involves remaking reality in ways that completely transcend natural law. I don't see a whole lot of correspondence between the two disciplines. The idea that the Dunyain have been breeding for sorcery without even knowing it seems just a tad too pat, given the complete worldliness and absolute practicality of the Dunyain world view. Then there is the question of the soul. The Dunyain goal is to create a truly self-willed soul, freed from the limitations of what comes before. If the use of sorcery really imperils the average sorcerer's soul, then what happens to an enlightened self-willed Dunyain Absolute Soul? Who knows, the Dunyain might reject sorcery on purely metaphysical grounds. There are some glib explanations given in TTT about the bruising of the soul or lack of it in the various kinds of sorcery, and it is said that with the coming of Kellhus sorcery need no longer automatically damn the practitioner. The thing is, I don't know if I still believe those explanations. After all, at the time I read them I was clearly under the influence of a Dunyain. :wink: view post


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