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Seswatha=Kellhus? Nau-Cayuti=Achamian? (Or not ...) posted 25 Mar 2006, 00:03 by nvyxxus_negus, Commoner

how about the dream where seswatha drags nau-cayuti and others to find the heron spear under false pretenses? he explains he lied because 1.) he couldn't do it alone, and 2.)'what we do here do is more important than truth or LOVE,' (n-c's love for a woman). to me this whole dream seems like a role-reversal. (the sorcerer represents the present-day man/dunyain, the man represents the sorcerer in THIS era. Who does Seswatha sound like in this dream -who do his words remind me of in the present -? his arguments and machinations remind me of Kellhus' actions/words to his 'followers' during the Holy War -in fact, Seswatha's words here could be spoken directly to Achamian by Kellhus (quite nicely) if the present era were transferred to Earwa's past; Esmenet being the greatest bone of contention between the two. the figure of Seswatha in that dream is a 'Kellhus' type figure, while young Nau-Cayuti, all concerned with finding his woman -'she.' ...'where is she?'- speaks to the senses like the present Achamian. Like he was a forerunner of Achamian, a life lived along tandem lines thousands of yrs. before. it seems like there's something to the dunyain's assertion that the 'past' determines the present -something vital and still unexplained. as to the following dream, where Seswatha/Achamian answers the No-God's/Anaxophus' questions, well it seems as though Achamian is back in the tutor/teacher role, affirming something even though he doesn't want to-! maybe once someone (anyone?) speaks out a description in an attempt to 'define' the No-God, he is formed, he comes into 'being.' by speaking so, i thought maybe Achamian actually brought him to the fullness of existence ...of course the circumstances of this 'naming' are strange, confusing -but the dream changes just as the present world Achamian occupies begins to change, as well. (once again, the present seems to be reforming the past.) the No-God's questions seem desperate, almost childlike -or else just completely honed to simplicity, to the most basic of desires: see me, name me, tell me of my significance, etc. this is why (horrors!) i've actually considered kellhus himself as the No-God. he seemed to reach some sort of pinnacle right around the same time as Achamian had these dreams -found his father, pronounced himself as 'more,' etc. just thoughts, though. view post


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