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posted 14 Apr 2006, 08:04 by FAU5TU5, Commoner

I am curious, as Cnaiur was IMHO the most interesting of all characthers to read, why if there is more of this story to be told, how he could simply vanish... Rather I agree with the irony of "The People" having fought on the side of the Consult being too in tune with history repeating itself not to come into play. And as one person mentioned that Cnaiur was very at ease with the skinspies indead and I could very easily see one of the Consult being present to talk him out of his death.. Plus the Consult are all but "Ageless" and gave the Secret to banishing death to others before, and more than dabble in the necromancing arts,.. so even if Cnaiur did kill himself.. who is to say that if the Consult want him back... they wont just bring him back.. (or at least some of him)... Too much open there to write off such a rich charachter so easy to empathize with and connect with on certain levels. Not to mention, after whatever may have happened in "THAT GODDAMN WHORE's" sorry, belly after the consult bed her while pregnant,.. who can guarantee that Cnaiur's son who most think Khellus' wont be needed by Khellus if something is amis with his own.. (For political reasons etc.) Just thoughts. view post


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