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posted 20 Apr 2006, 03:04 by Metaver, Candidate

YAY! *wacks self* Erm, this is great! =B *laughs like maniac* You guys can prolly tell that I love this... XP [i:3tw38lxw]The next two are my own creations:[/i:3tw38lxw] ... etaver.jpg [i:3tw38lxw]This one was my attempt to draw a friend from the chat that showed his picture:[/i:3tw38lxw] [i:3tw38lxw]And this, I was seing a japanese movie called Infection and decided to pause the DVD to draw the nurse (she's supposedly crazy after she got infected and is stabbing/practecing injecting with the serinje on herself): [/i:3tw38lxw] ... Ncopy1.bmp --------------------------------------------------- Crap... I think I got too excited and posted too much... I'll do Akka's pic later... and yes, probably even chibi version Edge of Certainty. =P view post


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