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posted 27 Apr 2006, 21:04 by talek, Candidate

Just to add a few other possibilities: (1) Perhaps the Inchoroi were already in trouble in the universe at large, and they thought they could escape by taking one planet and sealing it off. The use of the term "Ark" suggests that they were already fleeing something. One possible reason for their being in trouble in the first place might be, that in seeking immortality (or something) they tinkered with themselves too much, and lost something crucial (soul, or consciousness, or ethics, or whatever)) in the process. As a matter of fact, I think this is soon going to be a live issue for humanity in the 'real' world: we are developing genetic engineering and other forms of biotechnology, and we will soon be in a position to tinker with ourselves quite profoundly. Their arrival seems to have been a crash rather than a landing; that is compatible with the above theory, but not accounted for by it. So perhaps the following is better: (2) The Ark was a spaceship or satellite, or some fantasy-genre equivalent; when it crashed, all aboard were killed. The medical program aboard the Ark brought their bodies back to life, or perhaps made new bodies, but could not give them souls (or consciousness, or ethics, or whatever). It thereby (unintentionally) created abominations, which had, however, a desire to survive; hence the rest of the story. (2*, a variant of (2)): Perhaps only the computer survived, or perhaps there was only a computer in the Ark prior to the crash, and the computer, which lacks moral judgment, has created artificial beings, including the Inchoroi, as tools, in order to give itself power in the world. (3) Somewhere, deep in the Ark, are beings who do have souls (or whatever), but who, out of fear, have created the Inchoroi (etc.) as tools. In this they have sinned, as they know full well, so they want to seal themselves off. view post


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