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Questions posted 14 May 2006, 16:05 by Cause, Candidate

Hi just recently managed to get ahold of the TFT and thought it was fantastic. But always it brings more questions to the surface and knowing you are here scott to maybe answer a few of them is irresistable. 1)Will wearing armour save a sorceror from a chorae, must it touch skin directly for the salt to be all encompasing and deadly. I know just being near one for two long starts damaging, but its not as lethal. So will a chorae bouncing off a helmet save a sorcerors life? 2)The salt? why? To expand why do sorcerors turn to salt of all things, and what explanation do you have for this. 3)The apparos that makes the chorae can it do anything else beside destroy magic? are any aparos sorcerors remaining to the consult? You seem to refer only to the menganca(sp) a gnostic school 4)how do apparos users not get salted from the construction of their chorae or is this part of the paradox that makes them. 5)Is the gnosis without a doubt more powerfull than anagogic sorcery? is their nothing in which the one beats the other? would their be no advantage to learning both? Also why is the abstarction of fire more damaging than the anology of fire from a dragons head. whi is the gnosis more powerfull? 6)the few who can work sorcery but dont are able to touch chorae without salting as they have not performed magic , been marked? Yet the cishuarim are not marked iether and yet they salt just as easilly? 7)After a battle how do you find chorae launched from bows? just scour the land, sorcerors sense them? whats stops a soldier stealing these priceless tears of god 8)I think I have asked or seen this aksed before but could you add chorae to the masonry of a building for instance to make it imune to sorcery. 9)Why did anarcane ground save atriphua. I would have thought sorcery was the one thing the north could hope to out do the horde of consult troops at. 10)will firing a chorae at a sorcerors ward destroy it or will it just pass stright through. I noticed the javreh seemed to leave the scarlet spires circular ward to start shooting but I also got the sense they as often shot from behind them. Thought only occured to me after chorae hitting kellhus debri field released them from the spell that held them. 11)The glossary says the mandate has the numbers of a minor school. 50-60 or rank and maybe double the number initiates. Yet the scarlet spires seemed to have only maybe 80 of rank. Is this small diffrence all that stands between major or minor schools or did I get the numbers wrong? 12)Ioykus refers to the dragon head as the hammer of his school. Have we not seen the imperial saik use it aswell. well thats all I can remeber for now scott. Though Im sure you can expect more as I remeber them. Will greatly appreciate if you can answer any of these. Look forward to future books from you. Cause. view post


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