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posted 15 May 2006, 16:05 by Cause, Candidate

7) yes I know sorcerors can sense them, that does not mean after a battle they walk the field pointing out the chora Im just asking if this is indeed what happens. I would think knowing their value and their ease to be stolen some sort of control would be put in place to stop it. Hence the question 6)the reason the dont have the mark is because they remeber gods heart, they are as vunerable to chorae as any other sorceror, as seen by the javrah killing dozens. My question is if a man who has never done sorcery but can may hold a chorae without salting, see mathainet, it appears the mark is what allows it to work. Yet the cishuarim as mentioned dont have the mark and yet still salt. so what is the diffrence that occurs 11) A diffrence of 10 sorcerors may make all the diffrence on a battlfield against normal troops. But I would think an group of 60 sorcerors facing a group 70 sorcerors is still open ended enough that any side could win. Its anologous to saying 70 swordsmen against 60. view post


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