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posted 19 May 2006, 22:05 by Cause, Candidate

5) But an abstarction actaully dilutes knowledge. To continue your example of the dollar bill. The base a dollar bill. The abstarction would be currency. the anology barter. Niether one effectivly describes that were talking about a dollar bill. Just some kind of money or some kind of exchange. And I know the gnosis is more powerfull were shown it enough the question is why. 8) I wonder about sorcery being enchanted into objects in the three seas. The chorae, ishual, daimotic cants, anborian circle, gnostic collar and chorae are magic constructs. I wonder if the knowledge of enhancing stoine with magic has been lost like at ishual, or perhaps as far as we know the mandates citadel is crawling with abstarctions of stremght. 9)i disagree. The consuly have dragons, a sranc horde and bashrag behemoths. The north have humans and the occasional super human in nonmen. I would wager the consult in non sorcerous battles have the advantage by a alrge degree. After all how do you kill a dragon without magic. 13) From a nonmen perspective chorae are a recent invention. So before chorae when mansions went to war how did the exalted ones manage to deal with quya sorcerors. Unless you simply prayed your quya were their quyas match. view post


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