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posted 08 Jun 2006, 16:06 by Dragyn, Commoner

[quote="anor277":1j8ajvc6]He has knowledge (some) of Kellhus and Moenghus, but then so did Serwe and Esmenet and Achamian - Achamian might even give the Consult that knowledge [i:1j8ajvc6]gratis[/i:1j8ajvc6] now.[/quote:1j8ajvc6] Frankly, while I can see Achamian turning his back on his School, I can't imagine he would ever want to work with the Consult or knowingly help them in any way. Seswatha's Dreams, if nothing else, are his constant reminder of the unspeakable evil the Consult can work if they do succeed again. That sort of prejudice would be nigh-impossible to change, even if the Consult were openly working against Kellhus. To me, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" just doesn't seem to fit here. view post


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