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posted 09 Jul 2006, 16:07 by Izz, Commoner

Conan is one of the greatest characters ever, although I don't like him much as a king even in Howard's stories. Solomon Kane rocks too. As far as the racism and misogynism, I wouldn't consider it overt or unrealistic. I mean, I'm sure racism and misogynism were huge in the Conan and Kane days. Also, Solomon Kane has no problem hanging out with his african shaman buddy N'Longa, even though he considers the man damned. Yet Howard seems to show more proof towards the africans' spirituality than Kane's own christianity. That just doesn't seem like racism to me. And hell, Conan fights along side and saves women all the time. I'd take the Conan movies over the long LOTR movies any day. view post


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