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posted 09 Jul 2006, 17:07 by Izz, Commoner

[quote="Xray the Enforcer":2lmfzd1p] For you, this may be the case. I have had a different experience with THC, and consequently I don't touch the shit anymore. It's all about personal chemistry -- and what may work for you may do something really fucked-up to me. After a fairly dissipated youth, I'm down to caffeine and EtOH these days -- anything else and I can feel my IQ and "Goodwill towards Humanity" points leach away...[/quote:2lmfzd1p] Honestly, if you feel your "goodwill towards humanity" points leached away, there is something wrong with you in your conscious. "Wrong" probably wouldn't be the right word, but you must be angry about something. Marijuana is proven to decrease aggression. As far as your IQ points going away, they don't. I'm sure you feel pretty dumb on your EtOH too. I'm glad you don't do marijuana if you don't like it, but I hate when people tout misinformation. :roll: view post


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