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posted 15 Jul 2006, 07:07 by benwick19, Commoner

i think everyone is missing the point, both Achamian and Esmenet are powerless, powerless before Kellhus, Kellhus does not love Esmenet he simply needed her in case Achamian survived, he didnt know if he would still have control over Achamian so in case Achamian starts getting notions about telling the Mandate Kellhus threatens him with Esmenet and Achamain is forced to choose. Achamian loved and probably still loves Esmenet and Esmenet loved Achamian and Kellhus could have helped Esmenet without bedding her when Achamian left but he didnt because he has no feelings towards anyone, his only goal is getting to his father and everything and everyone else is expendable, no one should be making excuses for him we should be hating him, i know i do. to me the great evil isnt the Fanim or the Cishuarim or the Consult its Kellhus, Achamian once thought Kellhus was the only one who could save the world, i beleive hes the one who will end it. view post


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