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Re: Esmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism posted 15 Jul 2006, 07:07 by benwick19, Commoner

[quote="anor277":mpi82km1][quote="butlersr":mpi82km1]I think that to understand Esmett's betrayl one must see Esmi as Bakker's critique of women. .......[/quote:mpi82km1] And whom did Esme betray? A man she reasonably thought dead, who had arguably abandoned her on that night he went to the library, a man whose fidelity she had legitimate reason to doubt? Again I find it hard to agree that the author is a misogynist. The Three Seas is a very nasty place to live. Everything and everyone is for sale. As for prostitution it is probably hard to find a new profession as a clerk or a typist if you're tattooed with the mark of a whore. I think even Achamian himself understood the choices facing Esmenet - if she didn't sell him (Akka) and herself she would be dead very soon.[/quote:mpi82km1] So how come it was so easy for Xin, a guy Achamian had known for as many years as he had known Esmenet, to leave his prince, the man he had schooled since childhood to go in search of a man he didnt even know was still alive while Esmenet is able to just assume Achamian is dead and move on and barely goes a few days without bunking down with the next strong man she sees and forgetting about Akka view post


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