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London can't be as dead as it seems posted 15 Jul 2006, 14:07 by Jon_Cucksey, Commoner

Mr. Bakker, I've just now stumbled here by happy coincidence, having only previously seen your books in passing. (I added them to my reading list based on the strength of the cover design alone; having read an interview that touches on the philosophy behind--and in--them, I think I'll bump them up a few notches. It'd be a delight to read some unformulaic epic fantasy. It'd also be a delight to escape these parentheses.) To the point: I've been in London two years now and have yet to find a writer's group. I've met a few writers, but either they work in a completely different medium, or, to put it frankly, are too fickle to sustain a meaningful creative relationship. Do you know of any critique groups or workshops here? I'm considering starting one, but there's no sense building a raft if someone else in town has a yacht. At the moment I'm working on some character-heavy fantasy, with speculative / oddball short stories on the side; but any sort of group would be a help. It'd be great even just to meet a few fellow slaves in the grey-matter salt mines. I knew I wasn't the only fiction writer in town; finding another (one as successful as yourself, no less), has renewed my hope. Thanks, and kudos. view post


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