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posted 24 Aug 2006, 00:08 by Werthead, Candidate

There will be seven books in the series, according to GRRM: 5. [i:34f4j0r5]A Dance with Dragons[/i:34f4j0r5] 6. [i:34f4j0r5]The Winds of Winter[/i:34f4j0r5] 7. [i:34f4j0r5]A Dream of Spring[/i:34f4j0r5] (formerly [i:34f4j0r5]A Time for Wolves[/i:34f4j0r5] but GRRM changed it) There will also be [i:34f4j0r5]A Song of Ice and Fire Companion[/i:34f4j0r5], co-written by GRRM and Linda and Elio from the Westeros site, likely out in late 2007 or more likely in 2008. view post


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