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Like father like son? posted 11 Jul 2004, 11:07 by Joel, Commoner

In TWP we learned that Kellhus, and presumably, his father are members of the Few. Moenghus even appears to lead a faction within the Cishaurim. And so far, Kellhus has trodden many of the same roads as Moenghus; this evidenced by Cnaiur, the nonman mage, and more I'm sure, but these lept to mind quickly. Does this mean that Kellhus will continue that road, which the title of the 3rd book strongly suggests, and become a Cishaurim? Anyone else think this could happen? We do know that Akka never taught him anything really substantial of the Gnosis. And with his percieved betrayal regarding Esmenet it appears unlikely he would teach Kellhus that. Of course, that's the great thing about how Kellhus has been written, he could change Akka's mind in moments. (Afterall, what better weapon against the Consult than a Gnositic Warrior Prophet.) Would the secrets and power of a Cishaurim be enough for him to turn his back on the Holy War? Or would it make more sense to hop aboard the snake-seeing train when the Holy War finally peters out? And before I go, anyone got any thoughts on what Kellhus and Moenghus really want? Other than meeting each other. Will they strive to kill each other, or work together to rule the world? Or, joyously reunite and settle down peacefully? The two books have been plotting to that moment of meeting, but for what exact purpose/reason beyond that? Can it really be as easy as; so they can stop the Consult. The Consult's fear of the Cishaurim suggests that. Seems kinda small though. There must be something I'm missing. Sorry for the long sentences, general tone, and poor grammar. view post


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