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posted 21 Oct 2006, 00:10 by shadow9d9, Candidate

[quote="Warrior-Poet":1k1lpook]Im pretty sure the reason he walked straight past her was linked directly to the fact that he had just seen a Skin Spy and was so deep in thought he didnt notice anything around him. This the only conclusion that can be made Im almost positive there was noone else around and this is explained somewhat in the later books enjoy reading.[/quote:1k1lpook] I know why he did it.. he was just getting back from the dungeon with the consult spy and was deep in thought... I'm saying it didn't make sense from her point of view.. she never even said hello! She just made a ridiculously quick and illogical judgment and ran, which I felt was the copout.. Bakker obviously didn't want them to reconnect then... It was the only part of the book that felt forced and not logical. view post


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