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posted 08 Nov 2006, 22:11 by anor277, Didact

[quote="Will":18ibsxku]I concur that demons might be ineffective against Kellhus' person, but as Aspect Emperor his designs will doubtless include many people far less invulnerable. It might even be that his role is to get chumped to show how cool Kellhus is. As to the why, if one has escaped posession there is little reason to follow Kellhus. Universally the reaction to discovering his "true motives" is abject horror and rejection. Cnaiur, Akka...upon awakening they repudiate him. In the chanv-enforced calm Kellhus' claims to salvation may ring less clear than the Consults. Another possibilty is that Iyokus has enough emotion to remember hate. Now this is sort of me trying to have it both ways, but Kellhus had his minion take the man's eyes. Iyokus might not be able to forgive that, or alternatively he could be simply power hungry. He might blame Kellhus for the near-extinction of the SS. There are many reasons to oppose Kellhus. I like your idea about the chanv supply also, I had missed that.[/quote:18ibsxku] I certainly don't discount the possibility of Iyokus turning to the Consult for any number of reasons. However, the man responsible for taking Iyokus' eyes was not Kellhus nor even Achamian, it was his then grandmaster Eleazaras - he was offered as a sop to Achamian to prevent his (A's) indiscriminate vengeance; Eleazaras also must bear the major responsibility for the evisceration of his own school. And as the spymaster of the Scarlet Spires, Iyokus must fully realise this (he said something of the sort when he met Achamian again?). In fact Iyokus, fairly emotionless, might even be grateful to Achamian for his forbearance. The punishment fitted the crime. As regards Cnaiur's and Achamian repudiation of Kellhus when they are "awakened", are they reacting to Kellhus' moral degeneracy; or are they simply reacting to the fact that they have been used as means? Both Achamian, the former spy, and Cnaiur, the psychopathic rapist and wife beater, must know all about using people as means not ends - Achamian at the least desires that Kellhus achieves those ends. [i:18ibsxku]edited to labour the point[/i:18ibsxku] view post


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