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No more Elves. Innovative, Violent and Thought-provoking. posted 02 Jan 2007, 12:01 by Gringo, Commoner

I've been reading a couple of books here and there and I'd like to make my list of Savage Fantasy books. The Prince of Nothing Trilogy; Still haven't read the third one but I'm on the case. K J Parker's Scavenger Trilogy; Awesome quirky writing style with exellent technical knowledge. Solid Characters. K J Parker's Engineer Trilogy; As above but with a little more class and style. Michael Moorcock's Elric and Von Bek Trilogies; Exellent reads with weird descriptions and wonderful pacing. Do you guys have any recommendations to add to the list? Stuff that will really grab me by the throat and drag me down into it's dark depths. So far my interest has been piqued by the following authors; [b:i8qinrb6]Guy Gavriel Kay Gene Wolfe[/b:i8qinrb6] view post


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