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posted 04 Jan 2007, 02:01 by GreyMantle, Commoner

[quote="Cause":vkyvcvmp] 9)i disagree. The consuly have dragons, a sranc horde and bashrag behemoths. The north have humans and the occasional super human in nonmen. I would wager the consult in non sorcerous battles have the advantage by a alrge degree. After all how do you kill a dragon without magic. [/quote:vkyvcvmp] I really don't think the Sranc would by themselves be much of a threat. Kellhus by himself is able to take out a large number by himself, and while the soldiers are not obviously not Kellhus's equal, I think a few humans would be able to hold against a much larger group of Sranc, since I think they are described as being shorter than men and weaker? I also doubt it would take much effort for a single Gnostic sorceror to destroy a huge number of Sranc. Concerning Dragons. I don't think we've learned enough about Earwa's dragons to make a coherant decision on this matter. For all we know, dragons could be individually weak, instead relying entirely on their fiery breath. Yes, sorcerors would probably be able to deal with dragons most easily, but again we don't know enough to be able to decide how effective footmen or cavalry are against them. view post


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