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Just finished.. few questions. posted 14 Jan 2007, 05:01 by shadow9d9, Candidate

Did Kellhus fear that Moenghus would have succumbed to lust for power? Is that why he felt his plight against the consult was ill sought? If this was the case, why does Kellhus not kill Maithanet, who shared the same goal as his father? Why does Kellhus not work together with his father? Surely they could help each other... Moenghus talks about hos Ishual/dunyain's philosophies are similar to the Consult. Kellhus seems to me to have similar goals to the Consult. Is this another reason why the 2 skin spies go to kill Moenghus at the end? Does the end imply that the second apocalypse is the coming of Kellhus as the new aspect emperor, ruling old thoughts "dead"? Is it possible that the ending is implying that by training Kellhus, Achamian could have accidentally given the harbinger of evil this power, instead of the prophet he thought him to be? view post


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