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posted 23 Jan 2007, 15:01 by Ulyaoth, Commoner

I never looked at the No-God as the product of the Tekne, and I think the only relation the No-God has to the Tekne is its oncoming resurrection. The No-God never seemed so much "made" as it was discovered, and harnessed. The Inchoroi aren't so vain as to worship their own creations, I would think, nor do I believe they would worship something they perceive as beneath them, which something made by their own hands would be. If anything, I think the Tekne is merely a name for what we would call "science." Not a religion, or competing view point. In my view, it has always seemed to be a study of biology and technology and how to apply them both to make a functional creation. The "Void" you refer to, is not synonymous with the outside, it's merely the word used to specify what we would call "space." According to the descriptions given, The Ark is a living entity (or vessel) used to traverse it while simultaneously cultivating the lives of the creatures it held in its metaphorical (or actual) womb. If anything, this much is true, the soul doesn't so much cause the Outside to exist, as it acts as a gateway to the Outside's jurisidiction in the organic world. When this gateway is removed, so then is its power over living entities in this life, and the next, hence the Inchoroi's goal. I don't think belief plays a factor in this, as the Inchoroi were forced to look at the Outside's existence as an inevitable fact, contradictory to belief. If it were as easy as "not believing," it would be more plausible for the Inchoroi to merely construct a new religion as opposed to causing the genocide of an entire world. The Inchoroi didn't discover the existence of the Outside, or Gods or even souls through peer pressure, they found the Outside by delving deeply beneath the Ark - a place where the destruction of their race had formulated a Tapoi which caused them to see into the Outside, and thus uncover the marker of their damnation and work towards preventing it. A goal that coincided with that of Shauriatas, who seemed to be proficient in the transferring of souls more so than the Inchoroi. I would imagine the Consult seeks to revive the No-God by utilizing his capability with that of the Tekne, or perhaps creating new branches of sorcery with this goal in mind. I think the only prominence belief has on the world of the Prince of Nothing is personal. I do not think belief can contradict or negate existence. view post


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