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The Author's Education posted 13 Feb 2007, 02:02 by Sardaukar, Commoner

I've been impressed by how much R. Scott Bakker has placed himself second to his this I mean he lets his stories speak for themselves, and doesn't engage in any of the cult-of-personality cultivation that a lot of modern authors seem to engage in, to the extent that he doesn't place his picture in his books or intrude upon them in any way. This has the effect of making me even more curious about his personal background. In particular, he states that he's been working on this series for the better part of twenty years, meaning it's been incipient since he was 15 or so. Since the books show a very sophisticated knowledge of philosophy, I'm curious about how much of it had materialized before his formal education...Was it basically just a desire to write quality fantasy (which there is a definite lack of) that became fleshed out further as he himself became more worldly? Authors that write about subjects they have no personal experience with tend to make that fact painfully obvious...His background seems to suit the warring ideologies of the Three Seas, and its inhabitants' search for deeper meaning, perfectly. Of course his time would be better spent if he just ignored the question and continued to write. The Prince of Nothing is a masterpiece in a genre that is often not taken seriously but which I still insist on sifting through, and for that I'm very grateful. view post


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