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Consult and No-men posted 21 Mar 2007, 18:03 by Decklin, Commoner

Just finished first the first book and was a huge fan. However, still puzzled by a few things: 1) Who are the No-men and the Sranc? It states in the book that No-men used to be the patron of man, but there was a falling out and the No-men created the Sranc as their servants (referring to the encounter Kellhus has in the beginning with No-man and his minions in the forest). 2) Are the No-men part of the Consult? It also states that No-men helped the Norsirai destroy the No-God and end the first apocalypse. This seems to indicate that the No-men are not allied with the No-God and the Consult. 3) Who were the Sranc working for during the first apocalypse when they were fighting the Kuniuric High Kings? Do the Sranc serve the No-men, the Consult, or both? Just ordered the next two books and I am excited to pick them up. The series seems very cool and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books. It seems odd that Baker is not very well known here in CO compared to some other less talented writers out there. Noticed the same thing when reading Steven Erikson a few years back. B&N told me Memories of Ice was out of print and I had to order it from a dealer in England... weird. The series reminds me of Frank Herbert's Dune a little bit. view post


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