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posted 28 Mar 2007, 16:03 by wmdragon, Commoner

[quote:1feqhlrt]Moenghus, in his death throes, reaches out to Cnaiur, who may possibly have been able to save him, but who also bore Moenghus a long standing grudge. Moenghus may have been able to deal with Cnaiur physically, even in his reduced condition; he ran the risk of mad, bad Cnaiur using the chorae.[/quote:1feqhlrt] hmmm, yeah, I think I can buy that. Cnauir was his only slim chance of getting saved, so seducing him was worth the risk. I guess I got thrown off by Moenghus getting rid of two skin-spies before dealing with Cnauir, the display of such power belied the fact that he was near death. view post


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