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posted 29 Mar 2007, 01:03 by LuckyPierre, Commoner

[quote="Madness":27fqjpf2]From the above two quotes by Cû'jara Cinmoi as well as another that I've omitted due to not being able to find it, I come to the conclusion that Drusas Achamian might have a few more run-ins with the female Few of the Three Seas. As my opposition, Ulyaoth, has suggested in another debate - and I'm now inclined to agree due to Mr. Bakker's quotes - we may find Drusas Achamian seated by an entirely different fire throughout The Aspect-Emperor. Again as Ulyaoth suggested, Achamian could find a use incorporating the forkloric Anagogis into his increasing Gnostic prowess. .[/quote:27fqjpf2] Of course! Esmenet is one of the few. That's how she knew Achamian was a Sorcerer within minutes of meeting him. view post


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