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Question regarding Kellhus/Moenghus posted 29 Mar 2007, 16:03 by gemrich, Commoner

Disclaimer. I am new to the forum, and just completed reading the three books over the past month or so. Your understanding of the books is staggering, so I figured I would pose this rather simple question to you. Why does Kellhus kill Moenghus. It has been suggested by others on the website that Kellhus may be working to oppose the coming of the 2nd Apocalypse (which I don't agree with). However, if we accept that argument, then I don't understand why he kills his father (many on the website argue that because Kellhus regards his father as still Dunyain, and if we take that all the way to its conclusing, that Moenghus is in fact a potential supporter of the 2nd Apocalypse). This is where I get confused. Even after re-reading their encounter I don't get any of the Moenghus supporting the coming of the 2nd Apocalypse thing. In fact I get quite the opposite (one reason why I see Kellhus not being a good guy as the story continues). I am clearly missing something and would appreciate some clarification. I would also be interested in reading your insight into Kellhus and how his character changes over the course of the three books. We don't experience his character through his thoughts very much during TTT, and I was left confused as to his motives (perhaps this was purposeful). Thank you. view post


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