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posted 29 Mar 2007, 21:03 by wmdragon, Commoner

[quote="Buckethead":1qeaj9d9][quote:1qeaj9d9]that is the power of Kellhus, he nevers asks "do this just because I say so". except in this case,[/quote:1qeaj9d9] but he isn't saying this at all. he is saying "do this because because the god says so" then most importantly, through his facial actions is saying "oh my god, how can this possibly be true?" which quite obviously saubon can relate to.[/quote:1qeaj9d9] I should have phrased that better: Kellhus nevers asks "do this just because I or God or a holy book says so". he links his manipulations with desires, drives or weaknesses in the target person. I guess I didnt understand that Saubon was so willing to buy the Warrior-Prophet act so early in the story, to the point of going along with something that didnt play on his desires, and in fact was rather appaling, if not sacrilegious. **** TTT SPOILER ***** interesting, though, that this "request from left field" did allow Saubon to fulfill his desire by giving him victory. Kellhus actually addresses this with Moenghus at the end, but Moenghus dismisses it as a Coincidence, if I recall correctly. could it be that the TTT was already expressing itself thru Kellhus that early? then again, the TTT is problably always manifesting itself in some way... view post


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