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posted 13 Apr 2007, 22:04 by emmills, Commoner

I would think a demon is a demon. The difference in gnostic and anagnostic sorcery is not the end result (a demon) but in how the demon is summoned and the strength of its bonds. With anagnostic sorcery, you need to make the appearance of a door prior to creating the door. The gnostic connection would be more true. As for the binding, the anagnostic would probably use pain, desire and other emotions as evidenced in "reality" to bend the demon's will. The gnostic would be closer to what happened to Esmi when she was "possessed". The cisharim were greater than that of the Red spires and probably equal to the "standard" Mandate. Moengus was a rather weak pshuke (sp) sorceror since it requires fanatic emotion rather than logic. The description of the pshuke also sound like raw energy, not equivalent pictures. view post


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