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posted 02 May 2007, 21:05 by emmills, Commoner

There is evidence that the old dunyain was truly desparate and nothing like the new dunyain. One of the most glaring differences is in there acceptence policies. The old dunyain accepted a child not from any of "breeding" stock. In TTT, Moengus describes Kelhus brother as not a dunyain even though he has half the blood and the training since birth. The original order was just an religious/philosophical sect that was trying to escape the horrors of the apocolypse. Clean body, clean mind, look for the truth etc. I would not think the group could manage a 2000 year plot of revenge, especially if they did not render a school of sorcery or sorceral defense. Kelhus is not a Kwisach Haderack (sp), that story has already been written. view post


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