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posted 29 May 2007, 12:05 by amodman, Commoner

[quote="xhaldur":3rkvissi]Heh, I enjoy both authors work. I would say that Salvatore's early work is crap, but each book is better and better. I enjoy the Drizzt books. I'm not ashamed to admit it, they're very entertaining. I do however enjoy Scott's work more.[/quote:3rkvissi] Actually, in his entire body of Drizzt work, Salvatore's best is [i:3rkvissi]The DarkElf Trilogy[/i:3rkvissi]. You may not agree with that, but the majority of his fans will. Also, his [i:3rkvissi]Demon Wars[/i:3rkvissi] saga is leagues and bounds over his Forgotten Realms stuff. At the level of Bakker? No, but fun books with some interesting characters and storyline. [i:3rkvissi]The Highwayman[/i:3rkvissi] is probably my favorite Salvatore novel. Last I saw he was popping out some garbage "dungeon crawl" FR novel every few months in some series or other. view post


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