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posted 12 Jun 2007, 15:06 by Eleazaras218, Commoner

Look, I don't clearly unserstand the reasons for going into Iraq, some say oil, some say to stop the Chinese from buying the oil before the US. but the problem going on now is that we clearly are having a hard time placing democracy, which is going to be a while to get the people used to. Another problem is the insurgency, which in part is caused by Iran. which is why we can't leave because, in my opinion, could put Iraq in the position to be controlled by Iran, which the US does not want right now. and also we are being spread way thin militarily, i have read on some reports that China has been preparing for some type of war for a while and Russia has been threatening the US for a long while over missile defense systems that Bush wants in place. I could go on and on about potential threats but long story short, we are in it deep... view post


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