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posted 28 Jun 2007, 17:06 by 1gunners4, Commoner

I don't know, Nerdanel, I found the No-God to be much less a massive demonic force than some unwilling power that is being harnessed by the Inchoroi. The questions, the sarcophagus, the chorae, all evidence supports this idea; the chorae aren't meant to keep sorcerors out, per se, but to keep this being in, as is the sarcophagus, and the questions are reached out to Seswatha, a man the No-God may fear but must also respect. Perhaps it sees him as a kindred spirit, as well, and sorcery may also be how he contacts Ses (also may be why chorae could be used to contain him). Perhaps the No-God is the very emodiment of sorcery. Honestly, in my opinion, the No-God has as much understanding as to what it is as Seswatha does. view post


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