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posted 13 Jul 2007, 01:07 by anor277, Didact

[quote="Entropic_existence":36az4h1f][quote="slh_2000":36az4h1f]heh, which i'd still go see... :P[/quote:36az4h1f] Most of us would, unfortunately no studio is going to pony up the money to do a movie that they know in advance will be NC-17 because then it isn't going to be picked up by the major theatre chains. I think even to get it down to an R rating done in a similar fashion to say 300 would require cutting a rather lot of the movie. I disagree on doing it completely CGI btw, CGI as an effect in otherwise live-action movies is getting so good now that a live action is possible for just about anything. I think you would end up having to compromise a lot to get a movie with major distribution out of the series unfortunately. Of course I would absolutely love to see it done right on the big screen in all its dark and majestic glory.[/quote:36az4h1f] While I too probably would go and see a film adaptation, we'd all go with the expectation that it would be bad; it would be and we would seethe. I don't even think that the inclusion of good CGI would save it; CGI can't save a bad story. While the story was good to begin with, the script writers would inevitably balls it up beyond recognition (a la [i:36az4h1f]Lord of the Rings[/i:36az4h1f]. In the past few years I have seen two good film adaptations of favourite novels, (i) [i:36az4h1f]The English Patient[/i:36az4h1f] upon whose adaptation to the screen the author collaborated, and (ii), surprisingly, [i:36az4h1f]The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe[/i:36az4h1f], which I thought was an excellent movie, which did remain true to the original novel. I gather that there is going to be a film adaptation of one of Steve Erikson's novels, [i:36az4h1f]Deadhouse Gates[/i:36az4h1f]; I'm waiting to be underwhelmed. On the other hand, regarding performances of novels, the best that have been done in my opinion, were BBC Radio 4 radio plays. The two that spring to mind are [i:36az4h1f]The Lord of the Rings[/i:36az4h1f], over 13 hours long(!), and [i:36az4h1f]His Dark Materials[/i:36az4h1f]; and both are available as CD's. These truly are good examples of novels turned into performance pieces. They are meticulously researched, well produced, and brilliantly performed (Gandalf -actor's name? Ian Macekellen?- from the screen version was also in the BBC version). A would be film producer could do worse than hiring Radio 4 staff - at least they would read the novels before they started cutting. view post


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