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posted 14 Jul 2007, 04:07 by Aquinas, Commoner

I'm very interested to see what role Maithanet will play, on a political, religious, and plot-based manner. He is still the Shriah, but as there is also an Aspect-Emperor (in the form of his brother, no less!) who, as more or less a living God, could potentially have more clout on a theological basis. I would go so far as to theorize that Maithanet and Kellhus have created in effect a dual theocratic monarchy, and rule the Three Seas together. Kellhus has created a successor-state to Cenei, much like the Holy Roman Empire was to the Western Roman Empire. This could cause a power struggle as well, not unlike the many disagreements between the Holy Roman Emperors and the Popes. As to what role Maithanet will play relative to the Dunyain, I cannot even begin to speculate. I assume he too will be opposed to the Consult, and will even accompany the hosts to Golgotterath. That's as deep as I want to go! view post


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