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The Norwegian Dunyain posted 13 Aug 2007, 21:08 by Gravity Gun, Candidate

Have you ever heard of her? Norwegian-American Aud Torvingen, a fictional character created by author Nicola Griffith. She has so far appeared in three books: “The Blue Place”, “Stay”, “Always”. These are novels of realism, not fantasy, so of course she is not literally a Dunyain. She’s only human. But not by much. Lying on the beach and reading “Always” yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that she shares three crucial similarities with the Dunyain: first, superb physical fitness/martial arts; second, a near-demonic ability to read other people’s thoughts and emotions, and to infer their intentions and past experiences; third, a chameleon-like quality that allows her to morph into any role/disguise, in any given situation, to manipulate others and maximize advantages for herself. And needless to say, that essential coldness, that "detached" quality. If you haven't, try “The Blue Place.” When I first read it (this was 1998, long before Prince of Nothing came out), she reminds me of – guess who? – Nietzsche. :) view post


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