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posted 24 Sep 2007, 00:09 by Mysterious, Commoner

Overall I doubt there would be any significant difference between little Moenghus and Esmi's child(ren) ?? Though genetics may come into play we have already seen that Cnaiur's capabilities have been exceptional especially in the light that he has been essentially self taught. I also doubt there would be any significant differences between the children in the light that Moenghus Snr. trained Mathianet but was still forced to call Kellhus as he realised that his son was not up to the challenge. Also on the question on equality between the sexes: Elizabeth of England ruled in an extremely patriarchial society before the invention of human rights even existed. There has also been various Female Leaders in Less developed nations e.g. Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. but there has not been a Female Leader in some of the most highly developed and liberal societies in the world e.g. France, USA, Australia etc. So my conclusions are that it may not necessary for equality in society for there to be a female child to take the throne. Mysterious view post


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