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posted 22 Oct 2007, 07:10 by Flash, Commoner

The Book That did it for me was "Instrumentality of Mankind" by Cordwainer Smith(aka as Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger) I mean I read books before But it was the First book I ever read that Just left me breathless,I think It's the reason I read Sf and Fantasy other then things they haven't made a movie out of,is because of that book.Hell I'm sad to Say that the reason I picked up Dune, was Because of the Movie.I'm a very Picky Reader,I wont read anything That Is not in a word Epic and to this Day I have YET to read anything as Truly unique as The Instrumentality of Mankind.Its simply old Sf Pulp at its best(even in its current state).Ive Read most of the books that have been posted in this thread And Most of them are in My top ten favorites but I have to Say That Book,is what Keeps Me Reading Great books Like the PoN. In My case tho My First was and is my best. view post


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