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Kellhus' Other Children and Other Ramblings posted 27 Oct 2007, 05:10 by Kessriga, Commoner

I'm wondering if there is any chance that Kellhus had children before he left Ishual? I can't see why they wouldn't use him to father as many children as possible since he was (as someone quoted you somewhere, I think) a prodigy even among the Dunyain. His bloodline seems important to them as well since they kept the Anasurimbor name going for thousands of years. This brings me to another question; How many Dunyain were there when they first found Ishual? Seems to me like they all could be at least partly Anasurimbor after all these years. If there is a female Dunyain running around (another hint I need to find time to track down) could she be Kellhus' daughter? Or sister? Ever since I read that Akka was going to try to find Ishual, I can't get this image of him arriving to find dozens of little Anasurimbors running around (I guess they wouldn't really be running around would they?) and having a stroke or something. I guess I'd better stop here or I'll never finish. Sorry about the rambling nature of this post but every question spawns a half dozen more and the wait for the next one is starting to get to me. view post


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