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posted 30 Oct 2007, 19:10 by Paxol, Commoner

This is something that I must have missed as well. Xerius went from trusting this man to not in a split second after he was commanded to provison the Holy War. How can Skeaos be blammed for treason due to this process? Could he have talked Xerius into bringing the broken Scylvendi to the meeting as a way of discrediting Cnaiur and if so the back firing of this process could be perceived in the mind of Xerius as treachery? Its a stretch to be sure. To me this came out of the blue with no preamble. Only Kellhus sensing something strange about Skeaos and then further along... "Take Skeaos,' his lips hissed. "The old wretch hides some [i:adt1h9co]treason[/i:adt1h9co]." Where does this conclusion come from? view post


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