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posted 22 Nov 2007, 05:11 by Kessriga, Commoner

I don't think those were the only sorcerors among the Dunyain. It seemed to me that Moenghus had plans for the Dunyain if he had been allowed to live and I don't think he would have contaminated all of those who might have been useful to him, especially the females. His comments to Kellhus regarding the inferiority of world-born women as breeders seemed to hint at this. The question is whether Moenghus discovered sorcery on his first expedition (when he was sent to discover whether the Dunyain were still unknown) or his second (when he wasn't allowed back in after reporting that they weren't)? The answer to this would tell us whether he had a chance to see which Dunyain were possible sorcerors or whether he merely sought whatever minds he could find. I believe it was the former. I also believe that many of the Dunyain are of the Few (unless there are some reasons I'm not aware of that would prevent this). A few other things are brought to mind by this. No Dunyain would eliminate all possible means of controlling/influencing a particular group (in this case the Dunyain themselves) unless they had no further use for them or they were far too dangerous to use. He clearly had every intention of using Kellhus as well as anyone else necessary in order to stop the Consult. At the time of his death he had no idea that the things Kellhus saw would come to pass. He merely believed Kellhus mad. The more I think about this the less likely a shism appears unless it revolves around Kellhus and his beliefs about the nature of the world. Kellhus had very little trouble adapting his views to incorporate sorcery. He understood that the ideas of the Logos weren't wrong, just incomplete. I think the other Dunyain would come to the same conclusion but I am curious to see if they will react to Kellhus in the same manner as Moenghus did. This may be one possible reason Kellhus either avoids the Dunyain (unlikely given their ability to seriously affect the outcome of the war depending upon what side they choose) or he takes a number of Mandate sorcerors and simply annihilates those who seem likely to resist him. view post


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