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posted 13 Dec 2007, 01:12 by Writer, Candidate

The Prince of Nothing is never going to be made into a movie. It is to violent, dark and intellegent for Hollywood and to expensive for anyone else. Also, on Balrog's casting. [i:n5evim25]Brad Pitt as Kellhus[/i:n5evim25]? Come on, Brad Pitt's a great actor but I just don't see him as Kellhus. Christian Bale could maybe do Kellhus, but I just don't see Brad Pitt as Kellhus. Also, I don't see Christain Bale as Cnauir. I'm not familiar with Monica Bellucci, but I have doubts about her being a good Esmi. Again with Jessica Alba, I just don't see her as playing Serwe. view post


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