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posted 15 Dec 2007, 06:12 by ashaman33, Commoner

[quote="Shell":3sd3tfri]I also was quite proud Cnaiur killled Moenghus. Depending on AE and if Cnaiur returns, we probably will not know what exactly Cnauir felt. I just caution you when you equate "ardour" (sexual pleasure) with love or positive feelings. As I am doing my thesis on Women, Poverty and HIV across the globe, I can tell you that I have come across a lot of stuff where men describe having erections as young boys when the priest was fondling them, or girls reporting that it "felt good" when their fathers performed oral sex on them. The body responds automatically sometimes...and I hope I haven't offended anyone with particular sensitivities, I cleaned the actual language up quite a bit.[/quote:3sd3tfri] I understand how the same thing can be interpreted differently. I have a degree in Womens Studies so I am pretty familiar with what you are saying. However, there are really no blanket rules, we can make generalizations but there are exceptions to every rule. From the totality of the circumstances I really think that Cnaiur loves Moenghus. It is undeniable that Cnaiur loved Moenghus when he was a youth. It is undeniable that he later repuiated this love and claimed to hate Moenghus with a passion above all else. The only question is, was his professed hate just a reaction to the fact that Moenghus left and he had to rationalize living with the People and knowing that Moenghus didn't truly love him. I think that Cnaiur's hate is real but to me such hate is only possible because of the depth of his love. Both love and hate are real. What wins out isn't love or hate, but intellect. Regardless of whether Cnaiur loves Moenghus, the fact is that Moenghus does not love Cnaiur and only wants to use Cnaiur. Whether you analyze it from the hate perspective or the love perspective, both of them are pretty good rationalizations for Cnaiur using the chorae on the man who caused him such pain and then tries to begin manipulating him again. view post


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