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Re: George Bush posted 11 Feb 2008, 14:02 by skinspysexbot, Commoner

[quote="Harrol":1fvfga5x] I do not agree with Bush's international policy but I do see some merits to it. Back to my original point I see no evidence of Bush being a God fearing christian but rather a shrewed politian playing off of the convictions and beliefs of others.[/quote:1fvfga5x] How do you feel about the current candidates in regards to foreign policy? McCain for me seems to want to entrench US forces in the middle east for the long term to consolidate political leverage and crude oil. Whereas Obama wants more foreays into Africa for "peacekeeping" but with globalization as it is and us brits holding major stakes in the african continent things may well change. Looks like both are hawks out to enforce the status quo And Hillary Clinton wants to alienate Iran, using US military might as the deterrent. Might as well draw the whole world in if that happens, China, Russia etc will not sit by idly is another Iraq happens - too much at stake Is the US a reckless superpower blundering its way through the world or a cold calculating entity capitulating every move - Che Guevara I dont think it was the shortest path. Does the US really want its soldiers drawn into another punitive engagament like Vietnam? view post


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